“How does Professional Medical Billing charge for its medical billing services?”

Pro Med performs their services based on a percentage of revenue collected.  This method insures the goals of both companies are the same; to obtain the full financial reimbursement for services provided.  This percentage varies slightly depending on the size and specialty of the practice.

“What medical billing services are included with this fee?”

The fee always includes a dedicated staff to assist the doctor(s), staff, and patients with any questions.   A database is set up specifically for the practice on Pro Med’s server for all medical billing and electronic claim submission needs.  Dual backups are done daily to insure the safety of your data.  Pro Med also credentials the practice with the insurance companies of their choosing.

“Is Professional Medical Billing HIPAA compliant?”

Pro Med upholds the highest standards and complies with all HIPAA privacy and security regulations.

“Does Professional Medical Billing credential for physicians?”

Pro Med provides credentialing for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Medicare, Medicaid, and hundreds of commercial insurances.

“Is my practice receiving full reimbursement for my services from the insurance companies?”

Pro Med compares all the fees a practice provides with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan’s fees to make sure the practice is receiving full reimbursement for its services.

“Who does a patient call with billing questions?”

All patients call Pro Med’s toll free number, (800) PRO MED – 0, with any questions regarding claims or statements.  Questions are answered courteously and every effort is made to settle the claim.  Patient support is always always important to Pro Med.

“When are claims submitted for payment?”

Pro Med submits claims every morning 5 days a week (excluding holidays and weekends).

“Does Professional Medical Billing have my data protected?”

Pro Med backs up data daily in two separate locations for maximum protection.

“When I call Professional Medical Billing will I speak with a real person?”

Pro Med’s phone system is set up so any caller will always be directed to their medical biller who will do their best to assist them.

“How do I get started with Professional Medical Billing?”

Fill out this form: New Provider Information.  You can also reach Pro Med by calling the toll free number, (800) PRO MED – 0.

“Do you provide any consulting services?”

Pro Med is pleased to offer medical billing and consulting services to physicians throughout the state of Michigan.