Professional Medical Billing

 Professional Medical Billing


Professional Medical Billing Ltd., Inc. is one of the premier Michigan medical billing firms.  Pro Med Billing provides medical billing services to physicians and group practices throughout the state of Michigan. Pro Med Billing was created in 1987 by the current CEO, Kellie Swartz, and continues to be successful to this day. Professional Medical Billing, or Pro Med Billing, started out in the basement of Kellie’s house. In 1993, Pro Med Billing became a corporation. Two years later, it moved to the 3061 Christy Way location. In 2001, Pro Med Billing took over a second suite, to double its size. In 2008, Pro Med Billing again expanded into the third suite to take up the rest of the building. In 2015, the need for additional expansions was realized, but with no more room to expand the search for a new location began. In early 2016 Pro Med Billing moved into their new location at 3785 Bay Road.


Our Mission Statement

To obtain for our clients the full financial reimbursement to which they are legally entitled for services provided to patients, while maintaining the highest level of integrity, compliance, and ethics.

Michigan Medical Billing


Why focus on the state of Michigan?

There are lots of rules and regulations in medical billing that vary by state.  By focusing on medical billing in Michigan, we can provide a top-notch service and catch-all the details that may go unnoticed by national medical billing companies.  Professional Medical Billing prides itself on maximizing your profit and following up on all claims.

Competitive Pricing

  • Some Michigan medical billing companies require payment every time a claim is sent.  If a claim has to be resubmitted, then the client is charged again.  Other medical billing companies want to charge a percent based off of what is charged instead of what is collected, or they require advance payment before any work is even done.  In both cases you might never get paid on claims they are charging you for!
  • Professional Medical Billing only collects a percent based off of the money collected.  Pro Med does not get paid until you do.

Experienced Medical Billers

  • Professional Medical Billing has been around since 1987 and has an experienced medical billing team.  Kellie Swartz, the president of Pro Med, has been a medical biller since 1979 and is an active member of multiple medical billing associations.  Professional Medical Billing is one of the most experienced Michigan medical billing companies around.

Rapid Reimbursement

  • Electronic claim transmission to hundreds of insurances greatly increases the speed a client gets paid.

Increased Revenue

  • With a team of experienced medical billers and competitive pricing, clients will see their monthly revenue increased.

No Maintenance

  • Pro Med upgrades, maintains, and backs up the computer systems and data.  Clients do not need to worry about maintaining servers or making sure patient information is safe and secure.

Fewer Phone Calls

  • Professional Medical Billing handles all billing questions and has a local number as well as a toll-free number.

No Credentialing

  • Pro Med takes care of all the credentialing.